TRUCK INTELLIGENCE at your fingertips!

Boost Revenue Growth.
Increase Driver Performance.
Decrease Fuel Consumption.

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A fleet of 150 saved $22K in the 1st month.

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  • Cost savings on fuel (client savings over $20k per month)
  • Know which drivers are most profitable/most costly
  • Increased profitability of routes
  • Advanced information on vehicle performance/issues

Fuel Comparison Insights

Discover over consumption of fuel by driver, truck, route, and load

Driver Performance Analytics

Uncover insights into correlation between driver performance and revenue growth

Idling Trends

Find the bottlenecks in your logistics operations that must be optimized to reduce idling

HOS Compliant

Hours of Service and ELD Compliant

Live Alerts

Receive instant notifications and status updates

Easy Integration

Integrates easily with your existing technologies

Truck Intelligence Solutions

Each solution comes with 3 unique dashboards with 20+ Metrics each
Driver Performance Analytics

Know which drivers are most profitable, consistent and safest

Fuel & Maintenance

Automated fuel price agreement audits

Revenue & Operations

Improved on-time delivery, more profitable routes and better customer satisfaction

Truck Intelligence at your fingertips!